BMW NBT and NBT EVo repair.

Repair equipment BMW NBT and NBT EVo iDrive, with the repair is included, coding and one year warranty.

Possible faults:

  • It reboots
  • Black screen
  • Only the BMW logo appears
  • It does not sound…



BMW Serie 1 F20/21 (2015)
BMW Serie 2 F22 (2015)
BMW Serie 2 F23 (2014)
BMW Serie 3 F30, F31, F34 y F80 (2015-2023)
BMW Serie 4 F32, F33 y F36 (2015-2023)
BMW Serie 5 G30 (2016-2023)
BMW Serie 6 F06, F12 y F13 (2013-2023)


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Porsche repair equipment PCM 3.1

Repair PCM 3.1 browser radio:
911, Boxter, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan, 911 Carrera.

Most common faults:

  •         It restarts every 10 minutes.
  •         It does not load maps.
  •         Bluetooth doesn’t work.
  •         It stays blocked
  •         Touch glitch.
  •         Distorted image.
  •         Locked.

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Radio navigator Anatel 2811 58848R, LAN5800WR0. Blocked or not working touch screen. Mounted on a 2020 Dacia Sandero and Renault.

We solve all the problems listed below:

My media NAV is locked and only the Renault logo appears. How do I unlock it?

My media nav is locked and only the logo is displayed Can you help me?

While updating the software, I mistakenly removed the usb where the file was and the screen got locked on the Renault logo.

The same thing happens to me, it stays in the logo.

The problem I have in my media nav is that when I just connect the ignition it alternates the Renault logo and a windows screen and does not come out of there. At the beginning this lasted for a moment and only went into radio but now it doesn’t do it anymore. It is an inconvenience since I travel a lot at night and it bothers me a lot because of the brightness that radiates. If there is any possibility of repair.

My touch locks up when I try to enter the authentication code, can you help me?

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Radio navigator NTG4.5 from Mitsubishi A 204 900 59 02, NR-204-6E-2 repair. Noises when turning on and no sound, turns off, restarts, no sound, no position… Mounted on a 2008 Mercedes GLK.

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