Repair of BMW ENTRY CB units

Common breakdowns that these equipment present:

  • It gets stuck on the BMW logo and doesn’t go any further.
  • The BMW logo appears and I can only operate the volume control.
  • It reboots constantly.
  • It doesn’t turn on anything.
  • Bluetooth does not work or appears grayed out and you cannot enter the menu.

6512 9341075-01, 6512 9290989-01, 6512 9341081-01, 6512 9281913-01, 6512 9299265-01, 6512 9331204-01, 6512 9310455-01.

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BMW NBT and NBT EVo repair.

Repair equipment BMW NBT and NBT EVo iDrive, with the repair is included, coding and one year warranty.

Possible faults:

  • It reboots
  • Black screen
  • Only the BMW logo appears
  • It does not sound…



BMW Serie 1 F20/21 (2015)
BMW Serie 2 F22 (2015)
BMW Serie 2 F23 (2014)
BMW Serie 3 F30, F31, F34 y F80 (2015-2023)
BMW Serie 4 F32, F33 y F36 (2015-2023)
BMW Serie 5 G30 (2016-2023)
BMW Serie 6 F06, F12 y F13 (2013-2023)


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Radio navegador Renault Megane 2017-18

Renault Megane navigation radio doesn’t turn on anything:

Typical problems of this unit:

  • It doesn’t turn on.
  • The Renault logo comes out and turns off.
  • Touch screen doesn’t work.
  • You can hear the audio but you don’t see anything.

We can repair these units and check them at our workbench. You can contact us to discuss your equipment problem and offer solutions.

28115 3320R, 276 660, LANR14.

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Radio monitor or navigator Discover MIB ST2 PQ+/NAV, 5C0 035 680 D media repair mounted on Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda. Touch doesn’t work.

Repair of all types of original Discover Media MIB ST2 PQ+/NAV navigators or monitors, 5C0 035 680 D mounted on Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat.

Common faults:

  • Touch screen does not work or works poorly, does not obey, or selects in a different place than where it is pressed.
  • Unit only the brand logo appears and does not go beyond.
  • The logo appears on the screen and turns off.
  • During normal operation, it restarts whenever it wants.

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