Solution for Becker amplituner 65.12-8 385 897, BE 6526 25075295. No sound on one channel. Mounted on a 2002 BMW X5. Solution to radio navigator RT3 CD1558, 14012801XT. Turns off, restarts, does not read CD, does not position… Mounted on 2008 Lancia vehicles.

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Repair of Harman Becker MASK navigator radio 65.12-6 955 348, HS 6583 57651569. Does not turn on, restarts, does not take the DVD, does not read DVD, does not position… Mounted in BMW 5 series chassis E60.

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We repair multimedia, radio and navigation of all brands and vehicles, contact us without obligation, with full warranty.

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Original BMW navigation equipment repairment in our facilities

We repair any breakdown or problem that your original BMW navigation and radio equipment has, any model, or of any frame, we check and repair any original BMW units in our facilities located in Castellón (Spain), we offer the coding included, update of maps and 1 year warranty.



With audio problems with noise from the speakers, coming from motor parasites, fans, etc.

Also display with interlining texts, or that looks bad, bad visualization. It is pixel or directly the screen is not seen. Dead pixels.

It turns off or on continuously.

We can repair this unit.

Consult our service about how we work to be able to collect and deliver the equipment to your home, perfectly repaired by our professional technical staff.

6512 9246502-01, 6512 9243922-01, 6512 9150109, Alpine CD73.

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