4 thoughts on “Repair of original navigation systems Comand Online NTG4.5 / NTG4.7”

  1. Hello
    We have a comand ntg 4.5 that doesnt turn on anymore.
    The on button is lit, but that is the only thing that works.
    Do you think you can fix it and what will it cost?
    Best regards
    Erik Monahan
    We are a car stereo dealer and have lots of theese problems for the future:)

    • Hi, thanks for contact with JYSA. We can solve the problem but I have to check it first. If you are interested, please contact by email to tienda@jysa.es or via Whatsapp to 644 918 690. Thanks.

  2. NTG4.7 G class Command Navi communication failure has occurred. Is it repairable? Also how much is it?


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