Chrysler 300 Navigation unit

Radio navigation Chrylser 300 repairment.

Typical problems on this unit:

  • The unit does not power on.
  • 6 cd mechanism doesn’t load or unload.
  • Screen broked.

CHRYSLER radio navigation unit main P05091508AH, BZ9CY210, SUPPLIER 45811D.

2 thoughts on “Chrysler 300 Navigation unit”

  1. dear Sir
    do you have any idea where i can repair this unit in Europe? My unit is exactly the same P/N installed in Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005 model
    possibly problem is screen is black/ screen power supply is faulty. Radio/CD/amplifier are in working condition.
    thank you in advance

    • We can try, but i cannot repair all units, sometimes the problem appears in the main processor and is impossible repair because this component is not sell on the market. But if you wants, ship me and i will try fix it.
      Sincerly. Jorge García.


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