Porsche PCM 2.1E1 RDW

We can fix theese problems: The picture appears like the down picture, “superimposed image”. The unit does not read CD Keyboard not works Not runs anything Porsche PCM 2.1E1 BE6690 and another similar models.

Radio monitor CD FIAT 330 VP2 ECE

We can fix these problems: Unit appears LOGO only and turn off. Unit works, but sometimes restart. Touch panel does not work. CD not load or not unload Continental Fiat 250, 263, 330, 312E, 312NG, 846, 636, 637, 940, 955 VP2 ECE FPA PN: 07355944690

Comand W220 NTG1 Siemens-VDO Mercedes-Benz

Typical problems on this main monitor unit: The monitor does not working Appears the message: “Flash file system damaged – will be formatted now. Please don´t switch off” We can solve all theese and another problems, we can check theese units on our workbench. We can update theese units to the actual last version. Comand … Read more

Comand NTG5*1 star 1 Mercedes-Benz fix.

Problems fixed with our technical service: Unit does not work Only appears “Mercedes-Benz” logo and restart Not read CD, not eject Not operate any keyboard Not activate SDcard map Monitor does not work We can fix all description problems We can repair all malfunction from this NTG5.1 comand unit. We repair the units always trying … Read more

Radio cd RCD300 repair

Typical problems: It does not work. Sometimes the unit power on itself. Consumption problems (the car battery drain). Mechanism CD load/unload faults. Mechanism CD does not reads properly. RCD300 BLAUPUNKT 7 643 221 360 1K0 035 186 L

Navigation Volkswagen RNS510 repair

Typical problems: It does not work. Mechanism doesn’t read DVD/CD. Touch panel does not work. Appears logo “Volkswagen” and after turn off. Sometimes restart system. We can solve all theese problems and more, update the unit to the last version, etc… 1T0 035 680 A 1T0 035 680 B Siemens VDO Continental A2C53302073 A2C53344153 RNS-510 … Read more

Radio cd Ford SONY

We can repair all Ford Radio cd units, with or without changer 6cd. We repair all mechanism problems, display problems, radio problems. Audio output problems. Ford Sony SOCD AUDIO SYSTEMS FOMOCO HCD340AB Model: CD-MCA SONY