BMW CCC navigator failure

Charger navigator BMW CCC  

Repair equipment BMW CCC iDrive, with the repair is included, mapping, coding and one year warranty.

Possible faults:

  • Keeps rebooting
  • It won’t start, it stays with the BMW logo
  • When the weather is hot, it does not start properly
  • Doesn’t work well when the vehicle is hot
  • Black screen
  • The fan stays on
  • Won’t eject CD/DVD
  • Button lights always stay on
  • It does not sound…

BMW Serie 1 E81, E82, E87 and E88 (2004-2008)
BMW Serie 3 E90, E91, E92, E93 and M3 (2004-2008)
BMW Serie 5 E60, E61 and M5 (2004-2009)
BMW Serie 6 E63, E64 and M6 (2003-2009)
BMW Serie X5 E70 (2006-2010)
BMW Serie X6 E71 (2006-2010)

65836987689-02, 65836951856-01, 65836953773-03, 65839117563-02, 65839185524-01, 65839117563-01.

2 thoughts on “BMW CCC navigator failure”

  1. Dear madam/sir,

    The CCC of my BMW E61 is unfortunately broken.
    Article number 65836951856-01.
    Do you maybe have one of these units for sale?

    Best regards,
    Rutger van Merkerk

    • Hi, thanks for contact with JYSA. I’m sorry but we don’t have exchange units. We can proceed to repair, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact: Regards.


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