Jysa Electronic equipment repair technical service.

Jysa electronic services, is a company that currently has expanded with two aspects in terms of electronics, one dedicated to the repair of electronic equipment and the second to the sale of original spare parts for professional electronic repair, always trying to satisfy all our customers. The customers needs to give the best service to theirs. Although we were born as a small technical service, our dedication and professionalism has made it possible for us to achieve any goal in this changing world.

Our experience in the repair of vehicle equipment has prepared us to be able to repair any electronic equipment present in any class of these on the market. Likewise, our extensive experience in electronic equipment repair prepared us for the repair of computer equipment that is increasingly present in our professional and personal lives.

With our experience with European, American and Asian suppliers, we decided to offer a select series of hard-to-reach parts that enable our customers and partners to perform quality repairs.


Quality and speed with reasonable prices.

In a world that is increasingly ecological and concerned about the economy. The repair and good maintenance of electronic equipment is increasingly important, therefore our technicians are expanding their knowledge to cover more repair coverage in the field of computers, hifi, car-audio and professional sound.Our commitment to the quality and durability of the repairs carried out is our best guarantee. More than 20 years of experience guarantee our services.

Sale of spare parts.

Quality spare parts at a good price.

Jysaparts is the web store that Jysa has created taking advantage of the contacts and knowledge that our professional activity has given us during all these years to facilitate the obtaining of spare parts for OEM equipment, as well as the most common car-audio brands and spare parts. for DJ gear

The products offered vary from spare parts for professional mixing consoles, to complete navigation equipment of the most popular car brands, through mechanical sets, optics, accessories for car-audio, …